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I was asked to photograph Jurjen's house for the Ibiza Homes feature on White-Ibiza. I don't really do any research before shooting because I like to be surprised and also because I don't like to think too much. I like to eliminate "what ifs". I just go with the flow. I let the setting and the people inspire me. On the spot!

As soon as I arrived at the house I saw three gorgeous kiddos playing in the front garden. And right after that Jurjen and Selina took me for a little wonder around their beautiful countryside Ibiza home. 

Ibiza Interiors Home Story
Ibiza kids playing in the garden
Family portraits Ibiza

Jurjen gets inspired by spaces around him. No matter how small or challenging. He always sees a potential. His design company, Ibiza Interiors, is one of many amazing projects Jurjen is working on, from designing hotels all over the world in New York, London and Paris, to re-shaping his own house in Ibiza. 

“I can never compromise on functionality, that’s the architect in me,” Jurjen told White-Ibiza. “When you design interiors, it’s for five, maybe ten years and then you change it again. But in architecture it’s for 30 years or a hundred years and that’s how I approach it. Even with my design work, I approach it with the mind of an architect.”

One of his challenging projects was designing luxury hotel rooms for CitizenM, where the idea was to create functional, modern and beautiful spaces with only 14 metres square rooms.

Ibiza Interior Design Guesthouse
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Ibiza casita campo guesthouse
Ibiza Interior Design

We talk a bit. I watch them play. I say hi to the kids. Ziggy (the youngest), Mads and Lou. They speak Spanish, Dutch and English with me. They really want to show me how they dive into the pool. But first we photograph the guestroom. With stunning modern Eginstill kitchen and effortlessly incorporated into the minimal space, oversized Iroko wood, Eames chairs and a selection of great designer pieces it feels almos like Danish concept store... but in the middle of Ibiza countryside. Kids running around.

Ibiza interior design and living
Eames Chair Ibiza
Ibiza kitchen
Interior Design in Ibiza
Interior Design Ibiza WHITE IBIZA
Small spaces interior design Ibiza
Ibiza countryside living

As soon as I photograph the guesthouse we drive up to the swimming pool on the top of the hill. I watch them jump in and out, splashing the water all around the cement. Sun is setting. Warm orange colours of Ibiza. We relax for a minute watching the kids swim. Few moments later I'm back in my little Smart car driving home. Feeling happy! It's so nice to share a moment in life of a family. Hear their story, their dreams and inspirations.

Kids in Ibiza
jurjen in his Ibiza garden
Family portrait Ibiza
Ibiza living
Ibiza Interior Design
Ibiza campo living

Thank you White-Ibiza for sending me on these wonderful journeys around the island.

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