Shades of blue - Canary islands

When I was travelling around the Canary islands back in August 2016 I only photographed things and places I was attracted to. It was like entering my own domain of reality. Everything I found beautiful was captured with the light and colour as my guide. Recently I started to see patterns of colours in all my Canary images. Endless shades of blue. Apparently blue is the favorite color of all people... Most blues tell us tales of trust, loyalty and heaven. On the other hand "feeling blue” means sadness. To me blue definitely symbolizes peacefulness.
From deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean, to soft turquoise skies over Tenerife's Auditorium and greeny blues of César Manrique's white pools. Blue is clean and pure. Blue is endless.

Conde Nast Traveller the islands issue

Thank you Condé Nast Traveller for this amazing journey and my first cover! Amazing memories!

Film lab - Carmencita Film Lab

Film - Fuji 400H PRO

Camaera - Contax 645 & 80mm Planar Zeiss