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I have known Navine & Craig for nearly 10 years now and I have photographed some seriously beautiful events and weddings for them and their amazing clients. We never have time to socialise as we are always busy busy, especially during the wedding summer season, so when Navine asked us to come over for laid back weekday BBQ at their place I decided to take my camera with me and get some shots from this mini gathering.
We ate yummy food prepared by Ally Beatie, sun was shining and we popped open few nice bottles of vino...

Cardamom Events wedding planner Ibiza
Cardamom Events wedding planner Ibiza
Cardamom Events wedding planner Ibiza
Cardamom Events Ibiza
Cardamom Events Ibiza
Cardamom Events Ibiza BBQ
Cardamom Events Ibiza

I also managed to ask Navine & Craig few questions. And here is what they have told me:

What’s your fav comfort food?

In the summer, lentil and tuna salad with a light balsamic dressing and in the winter, Navine's homemade mexican bean chilli, yum!

Your fav place to hide from the summer crowds?

Either Atzaro Spa or “Soulgood” cocktail shack on Playa Niu Blau. Potentially both would be best thank you!

3 things you love about Ibiza!

Constant change - Ibiza never stays the same. Every year evolves into a new entity with new clients & fresh ideas. Having the best of both worlds. The ability to go out and party like teenagers and having lovely family beach picnics and juggling the spa´s massage´s and everything in between. We love the international vibe! Ibiza attracts people from countries far and wide. Having met a huge variety of international people in Ibiza, with all their cultures and eccentric personalities, the learning is endless.

What’s your formula for the perfect wedding?

Personality - We need to first understand our clients' personalities and vision of their wedding, in order to find their perfect venue and styling needs.
Planning - Pro-active planning enables us to get as much organised with the clients in advance of their date, enabling them to relax in the run up to the wedding whilst we, at Cardamom, concentrate on the fine execution creating our trademarked smooth dynamic events!
Passionate Team - It takes a great team to pull off a great wedding and we are proud to have that at Cardamom!

Cardamom Events Ibiza Catering
Cardamom Events Ibiza BBQ
Cardamom Events Ibiza BBQ
Cardamom Events Ibiza BBQ
Cardamom Events Ibiza Wedding Planner
Cardamom Events Ibiza catering
What are you proud of?

Creating a business from a dream and my two beautiful children :)

What’s different about weddings in Ibiza?

From a super chic villa wedding to a rustic countryside farmhouse, the vibe will always be the same, relaxed, fun and entertaining. Ibiza has a very cool natural organic feel and has no trends or music labels to follow, so you can totally be yourself!

3 tips for future Ibiza brides and grooms!

Have a clear vision of how you would like your wedding with images from the internet that you can convey to your event planner. The more communication the better.
Visit in person and choose a venue that is within your budget. Once you have the venue, the rest will all fall into place via your event planner with a structured timetable of decision making and not by trying to attack everything at once.
Choose an established and reliable event planning company that have planned in ibiza for several years, with a track record of happy clients or you could just choose Cardamom of course!

Best song for driving around the island!

Craig says: T.I. & Rihanna “Livin your Life” - I love a bit of yodelling and rap :)
Hélène Barbeyron (Senior Event Designer) - Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince “Summertime”
Dirk Aerts (Director of Corporate Events) - Queen “Dont Stop Me Now"

Navine says: All the Spanish music I have grown to love living in Spain!

Ibiza summer must have!

My Ibiza & Formentera Guide” by Hjordis Fogelberg, a must have coffee table bible of information ….. and an obligatory Dress Up Box for every party, but maybe that is just us :)

Cardamom Events Ibiza
Cardamom Events Ibiza Navine
Cardamom Events Ibiza Craig
Cardamom Events Ibiza home BBQ

You can say hi to Cardamom Events team HERE!

Makeup and Hair by Nichola Theobald