Fine Art Travel Photographer Ibiza Mallorca

 Hello THERE I am so GRATEFUL you are here

It is hard to describe who you are in a few sentences and I feel I am so much more than just a photographer.
But at the same time my photography is a true reflection of my personality and the way I see the world.
I am my photography and my photography is so very me.
Since graduating from Plymouth University with a First Class Honours in Media Arts back in 2007 I haven’t really stopped taking photos. I have been working as a commercial photographer for over a decade, photographing stunning interiors, portraits, travel stories and destination weddings.
I have leaned so much from weddings!
From punctuality, being always one step ahead, planning shot lists, styling hair, fixing makeup and dealing with every possible light situation from darkness to scorching sun.
As a wedding photographer I learned how to photograph people, how to direct, how to style food, dresses, tables, how to manage peoples emotions and work under pressure but the most important thing I have learned was coherent storytelling.
In the beginning of 2018 I have officially joined the Condé Nast Traveller masthead.
I am so grateful and absolutely blessed. Travelling places I haven’t even dreamt of yet, seeing the most wonderful hotels, restaurants and luxurious destinations.
I am also very lucky to be living between Ibiza and Mallorca, two of my favourite islands.
Balearic lifestyle! The islands are not only a Mediterranean paradise, famous for turquoise bays, white sand beaches and buzzing nightlife. The islands also guarantee living close to nature, zero kilometre produce, sunny skies even in December and of course the cosmopolitan community from all over the globe.

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to hear from you…


Ana Lui

Little more about me…

I feel butterflies in my belly every time I travel.
I never say no to good red wine.
I love fresh, organic, local food.
I love Frank Sinatra.
My wardrobe is monochrome, although recently I started to introduce gold and blush, so who knows what's to come!
I love interior design, fashion and architecture.
I am a proud dog mom.
I love nature and I feel very strong about preserving, protecting and caring for everything that keeps us alive.
I see the universe as a whole.
I am a perfectionist and this makes me care a lot about every single frame I photograph.
I love clean frames.
I love simplicity.
I am a dreamer. I have million ideas per minute.
I love watching my fiancé when he is in his zone doing gardening and growing beautiful vegetables.
I love sustainable technologies and ideas.
I love Fuji film. Shooting film made me feel alive again.
I am a geek.
I am a researcher. I love studying!
I love TED talks.
I work on being grateful everyday of my life.
I make vision boards.
There is something about the sun and the sea that keeps me energised and focused.
I am an early morning person. You can catch me roasting coffee and sweeping the terrace at 8am most of the days...