My guide to Ibiza - 5 best places to eat, La Paloma

I feel like every time I go out to eat it’s like an interview with a vampire. Interrogation starts with finding out gluten free, meat free, organic, local, starch free options. And it gets more and more complicated each time I do autoimmune paleo diet.

Last year I have done paleo diet for 4 months before the summer and I felt so good. I was allowed to have nuts, diary, organic white meat (fish and local chicken from Ibiza) and eggs from our neighbour. My stomach lining healed and I felt fantastic! But then summer came. Stress, travelling, airports, vino :) And in October I started to feel sick again. Doctors say it’s either irritable bowel syndrome with slow metabolism or autoimmune bowel disease. So after overindulging in pizza, soba noodles, manchego cheese, wine and oh so amazing sweet potato chips, I am back to square one.

In Ibiza we are very lucky. We have fresh fruit and veg markets in every little village. We have fresh campo eggs sold in most of the local supermarkets. We have chicken "payes". We have abundance of oranges and lemons, peppers, onions. Yummy figs in August, watermelons, pomegranates in October, apricots, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach… 

At the same time not all the restaurants and cafes serve fresh local products. Of course fresh organic, local lettuce, onion and tomato costs more then the ones from big chain supermarkets. But honestly I would rather pay 4-5 euros extra for a salad and get the "good stuff"! You really can not compare not quite ripe, tasteless tomatoes imported from mainland or even further, to refreshing, tomatoey, rich, meaty freshness that grows next door.

If you ask for mixed salad in most of the sea-front beach places you will get an iceberg lettuce and the bad tomato. Not mentioning that eggs won't be organic or free-range and chicken won't defo be “payes”.

Usually my going out for lunch or dinner ends up with massive disappointment, picking olives and ordering avocado with rocket... And believe me when I’m hungry, I’m angry! 

This is why I love La Paloma.

La Paloma restaurant Ibiza, San Lorenzo
Ibiza Organic Restaurant, La Paloma Ibiza
tequilla detail table Amores Mezcal
fresh flowers of Ibiza campo
picking lemons in Ibiza

Located in the heart of San Lorenzo village, surrounded by gorgeous orange and lemon groves, La Paloma is one of the few restaurants that serve farm to table food and have plenty vegetarian options. It feels like you are in somebody’s garden. The vibe is super casual, relaxed and dreamy. Food is fresh, tasty and natural. Salads are simply mouth-watering! Fresh local lettuce, juicy tomatoes, carrots with cold pressed olive oil and zesty freshly made dressing.

beautiful garden La Paloma Ibiza
the owner of La Paloma Ibiza
Fresh organic salad La Paloma Ibiza
Ibiza San Lorenzo restaurant
La Paloma Ibiza Restaurant

They also serve home made fresh pizzas, focaccia's and amazing burgers with hand cut potato wedges (if you are into meat).

La Paloma is definitely one of the 5 best places to eat in Ibiza, in my personal opinion. La Paloma Cafe for lunch and La Paloma Restaurant for din dins. You simply haven't experienced the real vibe and taste of Ibiza if you haven't eaten at La Paloma! From fresh hummus, amazing chicken payes salad, falafels and, on my naughty days, aromatic rosemary and sea salt focaccia with goats cheese OMG! to gorgeous risottos, solomillos, local lamb and fab pasta dishes at night.


foccacia with rosemary and lamb Ibiza
hummus and fresh foccacia La Paloma Ibiza
La Paloma Cafe Ibiza salad fresh food
garden restaurant La Paloma Ibiza
La Paloma Cafe healthy food Ibiza
La Paloma Ibiza team
Ibiza La Paloma best place to eat healthy

I love you La Paloma! Thank you for feeding me oh so well throughout the years! 

You can book your table HERE