Who Are You? - People Ask Me What Camera Do I Use

Lots of people ask me what camera do I use, what settings, how do I know what light to shoot, what lens to get etc. But for me one of the most important question to ask yourself as a beginner photographer, or even as a pro, is WHO you are?

- What inspires you?

- What makes you smile?

- What feels natural to you?

Write down everything that you come up with.

Once you got "your" words down on paper, words that describe what you love, what makes you happy, where and when do you feel free, once you start getting this stuff out of your head (it's SUPER important to write it all down) the real magic will start to unfold.

Trust me. Once you look at what you've written you will see a pattern. YOUR pattern! 

Pattern of things you find beautiful. And the things we find beautiful are the things that metter to us most.

Go deeper. Get digging.

Make mood boards, inspo boards, vision boards, take notes. It can be random, it can be abstract.

Words like: white, pure, empath, animals, real, water, piano, rosemary, wine, minimal, raw, wild, silence, universe, lime, power - are my words for example - totally random. Totally me...

Out of these words or images you have to pick your top 5 (anything that jumps out or whatever you relate with the most).

These 5 things/words/feelings will create a solid base for your "style".

Knowing this will help you develop your taste and refine your unique style.

All of this should connect with your brand, your work, your wesbite, logo, products and presentation. It should be real and unique to you.

How cool is this? Knowing what you like and who you are as an artist!

Sounds super simple but believe me once it clicks you will understand how important was to know this. This will bring a new dimention to understanding your work, your inspirations, your personality and your creativity!

Keep on digging :) xoxo

All images above were taken during my amazing hang out with Carmencita Film Lab (Carmencita Meets Valencia). My new tribe. My new film family!

Styled by Branco Prata during Carmencita Meets Valencia 2016

Dev + Scan by Carmencita Film Lab

Shot on Contax 645 + Portra400