New Years Resolution - Eat That Pizza!

I think the last time I've written New Year's Resolution was when I was 16 and on the top of my list was something silly like: do my homework regurarly, loose weight, find a boyfriend and never ever eat pizza again... Now I'm 33 and my list could be pretty much the same, just swap homework for work, well apart from finding boyfriend (ahhh thank you Universe for my amazing boyfriend)!

But now that I'm older and wiser I already know that there is no point in fighting pizza. Pizza is staying here forever... and who cares if it does... a girl needs a pizza day once a month week.

I think the pressure that comes with writing a New Year's resolution each year is WAY too big. And I think it's simply boring to be coming up with the same stuff over and over.

However, I certainly do believe in bettering yourself, in constant progress, in having dreams and pushing your limits. Instead of making a long list full of emotionally irrelevant hopes and creating sick expectations we should come up with a description or a word of how we would like to FEEL or BE in the New Year.

And seriously, everytime I thought about writing New Year's resolution blog the first thing that came to my head was: - loose weight - be fit - read more - book more destination weddings etc.

I feel that it's more important to actually focus on what's real and on how would I like to feel, instead of what I should or should not do.

So here it goes... I would like to feel more "peaceful" and more "open". Open to new experiences, people, collaborations and possibilities. I also would like to be more "centered" more "me".

So maybe putting simple words out there and thinking about them from time to time (sticking them on the mirror) will make them more real and more present in my life.

I believe that as soon as you open to the Universe the energy simple starts to flow. And as I recently read in Elizabeth Gilbert's book "The Big Magic", which was recommened to me by an awesome photographer friend Gabby, we have to:

Do everything with an open heart and NO expectations !

So this is my NYR.

Can't wait to live fully creative life with no expectations. It simply sounds wonderful and super realistic! Happy 2016 everyone!

Lots of LOVE from Ibiza xxx

Ana Lui