I remember my first styled shoot with Lisa @ Isla & Smith and I remember thinking this girl is on it! She is hard working, she dreams big, she gets stuff done. 
Lisa’s work has appeared in cult wedding blogs Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty and Ruffled to name a few. Lise plans and organises weddings around the world, including my little island of Ibiza. She loves nothing more than creating a beautiful space that will inspire and please all her clients. Most of the time Lisa's wedding couples give her carte blanche when it comes to styling and decorating the wedding venue and I must say she NEVER disappoints!
From gorgeous ceiling draping fresh orchids in Thailand, during our luxurious Sala Phuket wedding, to minimal, clean, no chair, no table ceremony and finger-food reception at Atzaro, Ibiza. She customises every detail and treats every single couple in a unique way.
There is no standard, set or ordinary in Lisa's dictionary. 
I had a chance to ask her 9 questions about Ibiza and what she loves the most about the island and here is what she told me:


What’s your fav comfort food?

Rigatoni pesto with bacon, chilli and garlic- it's become my signature, and probably very predictable dish, but I just can’t get enough, especially when eaten in the sunshine with a side of tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella with balsamic! 

You fav place to hide from summer crowds?

Going off radar in a boat to get to a tiny cove or to a Fomentera beach where I can slink into the sea, dry off in the sunshine and read Porter Magazine listening to people playing on the beach. 

3 things you love about Ibiza

Every time the plane comes in over the coastline I feel like I’m coming home which is a really lovely feeling for a place to give you. The myriad of amazing beaches-each one so different and unique-I could spend days hunting out different ones if I had the time! I also love how flexible and open to being creative everyone is-I’m so grateful that our lovely suppliers say yes to us so much and go above and beyond to source items and make amazing things happen. I know this is technically 4 but I really love the people of Ibiza, who are all different ages and nationalities from all corners of the globe-everyone has such a cool and interesting story to tell, it’s impossible not to feel inspired when you're here. 

What’s your formula for a perfect wedding?

Personal touches always make a wedding feel really special-from little welcome bags andto personalised stylish cocktails and gorgeous gifts from the island as bonbonniere. An amazing catering team with an open bar is at the top of the list as well as a planning team you connect with. Fabulous music, whether this is a band or a DJ and building the tempo throughout the day, which keeps energy levels high and guests ready to party! 
The flow is vital as too much waiting around can kill the vibe as guests start wilting in the heat and your chosen planner will be able to give you the best advice on this. 

Ibiza authentic real wedding local produce
Lavender nature Ibiza Mallorca

What are you proud of?

I never really stop to think about this so it took a while haha but I think creating Isla & Smith-it was just an idea that blossomed when I lived in Australia and it wasn’t even intentional! I had moved there on my own and found such a lovely tribe of beautiful women who were instrumental in helping me to create it. Moving there on a whim was pretty scary but I’m glad I pushed myself through it because I wouldn’t have the gorgeous friend’s that I found in all corners of the globe to help the business grow-now we’re one of the only bespoke destination wedding planning companies specialising in worldwide locations and that feels pretty nice...My boyfriend and family come pretty close to that too!

What’s different about weddings in Ibiza?

It’s hard to explain but the vibe here is so unique and special-I’ve never seen it anywhere else in the world. Of course, other destinations have their own unique and beautiful qualities but for Ibiza, the energy is just so right. As soon as you land, all your worries and stresses melt away, which is just what you need when you’ve been planning your destination wedding. I think maybe because the island is so small, it feels really personal and like your own piece of heaven where you can totally be yourself and the weddings here completely reflect that ethos too. The venues are also insanely beautiful with a million and 1 options for pre and post events to keep you and your guests entertained for days... 

3 tips for future Ibiza brides and grooms

Find your perfect team! You’ll know instantly if your planner is right for you. They’ll be like a best friend and if your team is amazing and you have that spark, then your wedding day will be overflowing with positive vibes!
Get your venue booked in good time, but then try to relax as planning should start from a year out from your date for best results. If it’s longer than a year-you’ll end up changing your mind and overthinking all your decisions which will cause you unnecessary stress and Ibiza suppliers can only really focus on the current season’s weddings until at least October. We have the same advice for our brides when we help them find the all important dress. I can’t tell you how many of our brides have freaked out that they’ve made the wrong dress choice because they bought it too soon and then poured over the over Instagram to make them doubt themselves. 8 months before your date is about right for the dress…then stop looking!! 
Always get an amazing photographer and videographer-there’s only 1 chance to capture all the gorgeousness of your day. We work with Ana a lot and love to take her to our other destinations around the world too when we can-she makes a good dessert and cocktail buddy!


Best song for driving around the island

Ahhhh so many it’s impossible to choose! Lots of disco and funk, Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters, Why by Carly Simon, Sister Sledge thinking about you and old school hip hop when I’m heading to a wedding then when I leave a wedding it’s always the Cafe del Mar chill out tracks that help me to wind down after such a high! 

Ibiza summer must have

A camera, a pair of statement earrings and an Ibiza cotton beach towel-it’s the softest towel ever and packs up real light! 


Photography by Ana Lui Photography shot on CONTAX 645 and Fuji 400H
Developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab