Fine Art Travel Photographer Ibiza Mallorca

 Hello THERE I am so GRATEFUL you are here


It is hard to describe what are  you all about in a few sentences and I feel I am so much more than just a photographer.
But at the same time my photography is a true reflection of my personality and the way I see the world around, the way I feel the light, colours and textures.
I am my photography and my photography is so very me.
There are so many other layers to this symbiosis...
I live a life of passion and contribution.  
I think being true to yourself and free to be creative is important when it comes to photography.
To think freely and to create beauty you have to be in the right state of mind.
Being inspired is the key and I keep getting inspired by amazing people I meet, by wonderful nature around me, by breathtaking locations and stories that everyone share with me. 

I feel happy when I spend time with my gorgeous fiancé and my two fur kids.
I feel butterflies in my belly every time I travel.
I never say no to good red wine.
I love fresh, organic, local food.
I love Frank Sinatra.
My wardrobe is monochrome, although recently I started to introduce gold and blush, so who knows what's to come!
I love design, fashion and architecture.
I love nature and I feel very strong about preserving, protecting and caring for everything that keeps us alive.
I see the universe as a whole.
I see potential in everything and everyone.
I am a perfectionist and this makes me care a lot about every single frame I photograph.
I love clean frames. I love simplicity.
I am a dreamer. I have million ideas per minute.
I love watching my fiancé when he is in his zone doing gardening and growing beautiful vegetables.
I love minimal. I love modern. I love sustainable.
I love Fuji film. Shooting film made me feel alive again.
I am a geek.
I am a researcher. I am self-taught artist. 
I love TED talks.
I work on being grateful everyday of my life.
I make vision boards.
There is something about the sun and the sea that keeps me energised and focused.
I am an early morning person. You can catch me roasting coffee and sweeping the terrace at 8am most of the days...

Thank you for being here. I can't wait to hear what you are all about... 


Ana Lui