Beauty fashion shoot Ibiza model


I believe in being creative and doing what you love!
I believe in beauty and art. Both are timeless.
I believe in being connected to the universe and your soul-self. I believe in being honest no matter what.
My film photography is soft, feminine and clean. I focus on natural light, nature and energy of people (or objects) in front of my lens. 
I am always looking for the perfect light, I let the light direct me, I let the light unfold the story, the story of colours, textures, moods and feelings.
I believe less is more!

I search for perfection. I love consistency, simplicity and perfect form - I think my vision is very classical, timeless and stylish.

I don't like shooting without thinking. I don't like when my eye gets distracted.
I don't like mess.
I believe shooting analogue film makes me appreciate the whole process of photography so much more...
Film makes my work even more exquisite and flawless. As much as I don't like using the word Fine Art Photography to describe my work, I feel like fine art is a true representation of the way I approach my photography. With creamy skin tones, soft light and bokeh the photographs look truly wonderful...
I believe in printing my work. I want my photography to feel real.
From film negatives to paper. I want my photographs to be tangible, I want my clients to experience my photography with all their senses.


20 years ago there was no digital... I remember my Mum running around with an old Minolta or Holga on my 14th birthday…
I still remember the smell of Polaroids in our family albums. They were so, so cool!
Every photograph was scrupulously printed by my Mother, glued inside an album and than carefully organised per year.
Now it seems we have forgotten we shot film for generations… and we have forgotten how to use analogue cameras and how to cherish our photographs.
How to care for them.

If there are photos you really care about, print them out!

I have fallen in love with photography again thanks to going back to analogue camera.
Found a new passion. And also new clients who appreciate and get excited about film photography.
It’s something I’ve been longing for since the day I got my first digital camera.
I have met some amazing people along the way; Albert Roig and entire Carmencita Film Lab crew, Joy Thigpen, Jose Villa, Laurie Arons, Jonathan Canlas, Sarah Winward, Michael Ferire, Diva Borrelli and many many more!
This people change my path! Pushed me to the right direction and encouraged me to trust myself as an artist!
Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that there’s a lot of crazy creative, passionate people out there who love their work and who get super excited about perfectly ironed table linen, who go mad for perfect skin tones, people who speak colours, feel textures, who match colour palette of the wedding to the colour palette of the venue and seasonal plants and flowers.

People who spend months designing packaging for their clients, guys who tell you all their secrets because they just want to share their love for photography and create something truly beautiful… Thank you for sharing your passion with me.


Send me a message! I would love to speak with you! I take on very limited amount of jobs each year because I travel so much. 
I really connect with each and every client to understand their needs, their vision and also tell them all about my process. 


I use Contax 645 and I also have Nikon D810 (digital) camera with fixed prime lenses.  
Recently I have started to do video with my SLR camera and I really enjoy moving image!


Ibiza is a special little island and you know it already if you have decided to get married here. I love the nature; I love the sea, the olives and oranges blossoming on the trees. The light is fantastic, the sun shines 300 days a year and there is noting else I would rather do than work in an environment like that.
I also love good food and great wine, which is simply fab in Spain.