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I believe less is more!
I search for perfection. I love consistency, simplicity.
My style is very classical, timeless and clean.
I believe natural light is all you need.
I believe shooting analogue film makes me appreciate the whole process of photography where every frame counts.
As much as I don't like using the word Fine Art Photography to describe my work, I feel like fine art is a true representation of the way I approach my photography. 
I believe in printing my own work.
From film negatives to paper. I want my photographs to be tangible, I want my clients to experience my photography with all their senses.

SO WHY Analogue FILM?

20 years ago there was no digital... I remember my Mum running around with an old Minolta or Holga on my 13th birthday…
I still remember the smell of Polaroids in our family albums. They were so, so cool!
Every photograph was scrupulously printed by my Mother, glued inside an album and than carefully organised per year.
Now it seems we have forgotten we shot film for generations… and we have forgotten how to use analogue cameras and how to cherish our photographs.
If there are photos you really care about, print them out! Seeing all images on a screen takes away the magic of sharing the photos in person with someone you love.


Send me a message! I would love to speak with you! I take on very limited amount of jobs each year because I travel so much. 
I really connect with each and every client to understand their needs, their vision and also tell them all about my process. 


I use Contax 645 and I Nikon D810 camera with fixed prime lenses.  
Recently I have started to do video with my SLR camera and I really enjoy moving image!

WHY IBIZA & Mallorca?

Ibiza and Mallorca are two special little islands. I love the nature; I love the sea, the olives and oranges blossoming on the trees. The light is fantastic, the sun shines 300 days a year.
Because I travel so much and I shoot abroad most of the months coming back to my little islands feels like stepping back in time and simply enjoying the silence, the nature and a very low key lifestyle.